Friday, 7 January 2011

Grosse Burger-Joint Blank

A massive walk around NYC, splitting off from the group for the sake of a burger we'd heard a lot about. Leaving everyone else to quote Home Alone 2 lines at the Plaza Hotel.

A pretty confusing walk later, and we're outside a really fancy looking hotel - Le Parker Meridien. A few moments of feeling completely out of place in the lobby, we duck behind a red velvet curtain. Then as if we're in a more gastronomically centered Twin Peaks (wait, that's just Twin Peaks then) we're in a old fashioned italian styled, totally jumping burger bar. It's clear that you need to know exactly what you want before you're at the front of the queue - like the New York before everyone became halfway nice.

The makeup of the cheeseburger is pretty classic. But the constituent parts all yell quality at you, as they're mushed up in your mouth. A total joy.

A famous burger bar, made to feel like a hidden gem.

With hindsight, the massive walk beforehand might have increased my enjoyment of this burger.
One of my favorite sayings, from Scott our tour manager - "Hunger is the best sauce".
Usually he's meaning "shut up about food, you'll get some soon".
But there's definitely some truth to it.

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